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Jitka is famous, she’s on the Royal Gazette website!

Hello again my dear reader, it appears that my wife has broken into fame and stardom in Bermuda. A photo of her can be seen on an article in the Royal Gazette. Of course, the article isn’t actually about her. … Continue reading

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Bermuda newspapers confuse news with advertising

Hello again my dear reader, it’s lunchtime at work today and I opened two tabs in Firefox to read the local news from The Royal Gazette and The Bermuda Sun. It’s always interesting to read the local newspapers here in … Continue reading

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Bees swarm into Bermuda as the weather improves

Hello again my dear reader, I don’t know if it’s the improvement in the weather alone or there is another underlying cause but it looks like bees have decided to spend time in Bermuda. And not just in the countryside … Continue reading

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A dangerous plant kills two dogs in Bermuda

Hello again my dear reader, at present, the world is being shaken by the possibility of nuclear meltdown in Japan after the earthquake and following tsunami. There are also revolutions going on in the middle-east, some of them bloody and … Continue reading

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