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Bermuda immigration, the final episode

Hello again my dear reader, I was lucky enough to be invited to a very interesting talk last night. The local .NET User Group held a talk by Dr James Martin on the future of technology. The talk was fascinating, … Continue reading

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$100 to write a single line in an official document, wow

Hello again my dear reader, I just came back to work from helping a friend with his riding test at TCD. He hadn’t bought his own bike yet so he wanted to use mine to do his test. But, this … Continue reading

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Bermuda weekend weather

Hello again my dear reader, the weekend just gone was unfortunately another wash-out. The weather was lovely all week, mostly dry and around 20 C. Then, the weekend comes along and it’s wet and windy for two days. We’ve been … Continue reading

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I need 1,250 CZK tax refund to break even

Hello again my dear reader, I’m in the unfortunate position of having to do my tax return for 2010. On the one hand, my former employer has hired a company to do this and I don’t have to figure out … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding the concept of depreciation

Hello again my dear reader, I’m a little annoyed with people today. Specifically, I’m talking about people who don’t understand that things (i.e. material possessions) progressively lose their value with use and age. The classic example of this is buying … Continue reading

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New York City Mayor Bloomberg in Bermuda over Xmas, so what?

Hello again my dear reader, I’ve been reading a number of posts recently about the fact that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent the Christmas period in Bermuda, where he owns a fabulous luxury waterfront home, instead of spending … Continue reading

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