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Bermuda immigration woes

Hello my dear reader, as the author of this blog, I have been going through the stories and thinking that they have, perhaps, been a little too upbeat. It’s almost like everything has gone perfectly smoothly for us, except for … Continue reading

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Sometimes an hour is too long…

Hello my dear reader, I have to write this message to express my frustration. I just can’t believe what happened to us today… We had two viewings today. The first one is the only one worth talking about. We saw … Continue reading

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Seen 10 places, still more to see

Hello again my dear reader, those of you who are not fortunate enough to own your own place will sympathise with us, I’m sure. We’re new to Bermuda so we don’t know what to expect from houses and apartments. But, … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding the concept of depreciation

Hello again my dear reader, I’m a little annoyed with people today. Specifically, I’m talking about people who don’t understand that things (i.e. material possessions) progressively lose their value with use and age. The classic example of this is buying … Continue reading

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