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What is the real Bermuda?

Hello again my dear reader, yesterday, I had a very “interesting” time getting home from work. It provoked some thinking about what Bermuda is really like. So, this is going to be a post that future expats that come to … Continue reading

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Jitka 1 – Spiros 1 (in pointless traffic fines)

Hello again my dear reader, today I got pulled over by the police and given a fine of $50. What happened exactly is that I left my house late this morning (because I couldn’t move very freely since I’ve got … Continue reading

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The joy of dry towels

Hello again my dear reader, I’m on holiday at the moment, off island. It’s my first time off the little rock that is Bermuda and I think it will be interesting to record my experience, just to see how different … Continue reading

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Bermuda newspapers confuse news with advertising

Hello again my dear reader, it’s lunchtime at work today and I opened two tabs in Firefox to read the local news from The Royal Gazette and The Bermuda Sun. It’s always interesting to read the local newspapers here in … Continue reading

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Shopping before Bermuda day

Hello again my dear reader, tomorrow is Bermuda Day, the annual May 24th holiday. On this day each year, there is a race and a parade in Bermuda. Since it’s a holiday and this is Bermuda, not London or a … Continue reading

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Bermuda immigration woes

Hello my dear reader, as the author of this blog, I have been going through the stories and thinking that they have, perhaps, been a little too upbeat. It’s almost like everything has gone perfectly smoothly for us, except for … Continue reading

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$100 to write a single line in an official document, wow

Hello again my dear reader, I just came back to work from helping a friend with his riding test at TCD. He hadn’t bought his own bike yet so he wanted to use mine to do his test. But, this … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding the concept of depreciation

Hello again my dear reader, I’m a little annoyed with people today. Specifically, I’m talking about people who don’t understand that things (i.e. material possessions) progressively lose their value with use and age. The classic example of this is buying … Continue reading

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150% customs duty, is that possible?

Hello again my dear reader, this is another general-interest post, instead of one with personal experiences. From a personal stand-point, all is well and we have now purchased a scooter for Jitka also. She’s very excited about it, it’s a … Continue reading

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Moving furniture in Bermuda

Hello again my dear reader, Bermuda is a pretty humid place. At times, it’s hard to get something to dry once it’s become wet. Most houses have a washer/drier so you can at least dry your clothes after washing because, … Continue reading

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