One weekend left in Bermuda

Hello again my dear reader,

as we’re flying back to Europe on Friday September 30th, we have a single weekend left on the island. I have 3 more days left at work and then a week to relax and rest. We have managed to sell almost everything and we only have to figure out a way to send a box (with things like tennis rackets and other sports gear) back home so we don’t have to pay too much in extra luggage costs.

As the end of our Bermuda days approaches, I’m not too sad, I’m excited about the new chapter in London and finally settling down. I’m also less nervous about this move since we’ve lived in London before, have a support network there and know our way around the place. So, it should be a smooth transition. At the same time, I will miss the beautiful island and its beaches, the warm evenings and easy commute. So, this weekend, I hope to go deep-sea fishing with my fishing buddy and a colleague of his who has a boat. I’m really looking forward to it and I look forward to taking some photos and spending some quality time on the water. I then expect that I will go to the beach every morning in my last week to enjoy the beach when it’s empty, assuming the weather plays along and the waves are not dangerous.

In other news, Jitka’s Canadian transit visa came through and DHL delivered her passport to us today. This is excellent news and it ties up the final tricky detail for the return. The journey therefore will be as follows:

  1. fly from Bermuda to Toronto (Athena onboard)
  2. fly from Toronto to Frankfurt (again, Athena onboard)
  3. drive a rental car from Frankfurt to Prague (Athena on the back seat)
  4. drop off the car in Prague on the way back to the airport
  5. fly to London on Sunday 2nd October
  6. 3rd October, start the new job

Tight schedule, I know but it was necessary. Wish us luck!

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