Hurricane season continues

Hello again my dear reader,

the weekend looks like it’s going to be a wash-out. Plenty of rain is predicted as well as plenty of cloud cover. This is all part of the 2011 hurricane season. We’ve already had a couple of tropical storms and hurricanes pass close to Bermuda and now we’re watching the weather channels and various storm prediction sites to see if Katia is going to make it to Bermuda. It has to be said, hurricanes don’t tend to strike Bermuda directly (Igor being a notable exception) but they still make people nervous.

From a personal standpoint, since we have only 4 weeks left on the island, we were hoping to spend it enjoying the sun that we will miss in London. But, at least the next two weekends don’t look like beach weekends. Still, with the selling going reasonably well, we can look forward to the last week, when I will have finished work too, to enjoy a real mini holiday on the island. But, for now, we keep a keen eye out for Katia to make sure we don’t end up caught by surprise.

Monday September 5th is labour day in Bermuda. I don’t know what that entails here and I doubt there will be anything as fun to wacth as a parade but it’s still nice to be off work for an extra day. This makes the total number of days left in the office until I’m done equal to 14 and there is a lot to be done in that time. Ah well, one day at a time…

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