Jitka 1 – Spiros 1 (in pointless traffic fines)

Hello again my dear reader,

today I got pulled over by the police and given a fine of $50. What happened exactly is that I left my house late this morning (because I couldn’t move very freely since I’ve got a trapped nerve in my back and it hurts like hell) so, in my hurry to get to work (despite having already quit) I forgot to fasten the helmet clip. As soon as I got on the road, I realised that it was not fastened so I pulled over at the next available spot (a bus stop) to fasten it. 20 secs later, a police car pulls over behind me. I had already fastened the clip and was on my way. But, since he stopped, I turned around and asked if he was looking for me or someone else. He pointed at me so I stopped the bike and waited. He comes over and says that he will give me a $50 fine for not having the clip fastened. I explained to him that I live only a couple of hundred meters from where I stopped so it was the first opportunity to stop and fasten the clip without stopping in the road since there is no hard shoulder in Bermuda’s roads. It was clear I wasn’t going to get away with it so I waited for him to write his ticket. Then, he says:

Police officer: I see you’ve had your licence since January. This is long enough that you shouldn’t forget to fasten the clip on your helmet

Me: I’m sorry sir, I’m trying to get to work and I’m running late. I need you to finish writing the ticket but I don’t need a lecture. If you think that I deserve to pay the fine, just let me get to work. I said I forgot and I had already stopped and fastened it before you stopped behind me, I hadn’t even seen you.

Police officer: You’re not listening, I said that it’s long enough that you shouldn’t foget.

Me: (realising he’s just another tool sticking to the rules) thank you sir, have a nice day, it won’t happen again.

So, there you have it, we’re now equal in traffic fines with Jitka, she got one for parking illegally even though she apparently had parked in the bay correctly. These guys just want to make money, it’s towards the end of the month and they probably have to pay the doughnut and coffee bills. I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ll be happy to not have to deal with them again, I can’t wait to see the back of this parochial system and move back to European civilisation.

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