The joy of dry towels

Hello again my dear reader,

I’m on holiday at the moment, off island. It’s my first time off the little rock that is Bermuda and I think it will be interesting to record my experience, just to see how different life is in Bermuda vs the rest of the world.

So, yesterday, I had a shower in the morning and put my towel on the non-heated towel rack to dry for next time I need to use it. Then, later in the day, I washed my hands and went to dry them with my towel. I was fully expectng the towel to be still wet and yet, miraculously, it was dry! I was amazed, I had almost forgotten what it feels like to not have a wet towel constantly. In Bermuda, things don’t dry, ever. Even when you put things in te dryer, they come out damp. There is simply no way to hide from the humidity which is sometimes really oppressive and up to 80% or more. The net effect is that all my clothes can do with being out off island for a while to avoid becoming mouldy.

Another new thing I tried yesterday was to buy goods in a food store. I bought a couple of fruit salad boxes, a box of cherries,some nutsĀ  and two bags of organic apples. When I went to the counter, I calculated in my head what the price would be in Bermuda, about $10 ofr the cherries, $8 each for the apple bags, $8 each for the salad boxes and $10 for the nuts, total a whopping $52. I braced myself for the news from the till and it came up with $15! I was shocked. I asked the lady to make sure she didn’t forget anything but all was correct. So, next time they tell you about the tax rate on income being 5.75% in Bermuda, feel free to remind them that you pay a tax on everything you buy in the shop which we can affectionately call the greedy Bermudian tax. Every shop on the island has inflated its prices in one way or another to rip you off, they do it freely and brazenly. I guess the fact that there is no competition between shops is what’s causing the prices to be so ridiculous, we could do with a bit more of a market economy working in Bermuda, I’m sure.

Please check back soon for more stories from my travels and how they relate to Bermuda.

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