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Bermuda Sale

Hello again my dear reader, we’re having a sale! Check out this picasa album to see what we’re selling. Prices are in comments below the photos. All items are also now on emoo, the local ebay-style marketplace. See below for … Continue reading

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Untimely publication

Hello again my dear reader, the recent story that I had temporarily removed is back after a light edit.

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Jitka 1 – Spiros 1 (in pointless traffic fines)

Hello again my dear reader, today I got pulled over by the police and given a fine of $50. What happened exactly is that I left my house late this morning (because I couldn’t move very freely since I’ve got … Continue reading

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Today I quit my job in Bermuda

Hello again my dear reader, this story is an edited version of a precious story… If you had asked me a few months ago when I think I would be leaving Bermuda, I would have said in 3 to 6 … Continue reading

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The joy of dry towels

Hello again my dear reader, I’m on holiday at the moment, off island. It’s my first time off the little rock that is Bermuda and I think it will be interesting to record my experience, just to see how different … Continue reading

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Our first experience of the annual Cup Match holiday

Hello again my dear reader, the weekend just gone was very relaxed. This is because it came directly after a 2-day national holiday. Yes, indeed, two days in a row. Every July, the last Thursday and Friday of the month … Continue reading

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