Jitka is famous, she’s on the Royal Gazette website!

Hello again my dear reader,

it appears that my wife has broken into fame and stardom in Bermuda. A photo of her can be seen on an article in the Royal Gazette.

Of course, the article isn’t actually about her. It’s about the discrimination that some Asians and mostly Filipinos are facing in Bermuda. Some graffiti has appeared in various places with discriminatory writings about these immigrants. So, when they went to take a photo of one of the gates on the Railway Trail, the caught the back of Jitka in the photo, running and sweating. Now, you’d think that the photographer could wait 5 seconds in order not to take a person in the photo when it wasn’t their intention. But, this is the typical care and attention to detail that happens here so Jitka got included…

It’s quite funny, check it out.

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