The sun is up and the water tank full

Hello again my dear reader,

after two days of almost non-stop rain, we’re back to beautiful sunshine. It turns out that more rain fell in the last two days than in the whole of the months of May and June! This weather was a result of a tropical storm passing to the east of Bermuda, tropical storm Brent. We got lucky, it didn’t come close enough to the island to cause any damage but it still left us with enough rain to fill the water tanks. Jitka and I checked ours this morning and it’s almost full, probably 95% full. It looks like Brent will be fully passed by Thursday when the weather will turn a little drier again and slightly warmer perhaps, at least in the sun. Today is borderline sunny but still overcast so we’re still expecting more rain to come. On the plus side, I haven’t had to water the garden in the last two days, there was way too much rain to bother. Unfortunately, higher than usual winds and heavy rain don’t make for good fishing trips so I haven’t been out for a few days. I hope for the fishing to resume soon though.

One other problem that we’ve had recently is that our freezer seems to have suffered some sort of failure. It began by not keeping the temperature low enough and it’s finally died completely. So, when I go fishing, if I catch anything, we have to eat it straight away or risk having the fridge stinking of fish. At least in the freezer, the smell is removed from the freezing but, without a freezer, fishing becomes more tricky. We shall see, there is a guy coming over to look at it, maybe he will get it to work again.

Check back for more exciting stories soon!

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