Looks like autumn today

Hello again my dear reader,

after a week of consistent high temperatures (high 80 F, low 30s C) and high humidity (75% and above) it appears that, in Bermuda, we are going to be treated with a short rest from the heat. Today, the temperatures have dropped significantly and looking outside the window in my office, all I see is a dark cloud that ominously threatens with rain. Still, many houses will need to fill up their tanks and a few days of relative chill will probably be just what we need to enjoy the heat when it returns once more.

On a personal level, since I’ve started running again, I will quite appreciate the break in the weather. I can tell you, running in over 30s C with high humidity and the constant undulating nature of the island is tough. I run for about an hour and return home completely drenched in sweat, not an inch of my shirt left dry. So, I’ll try to get in some runs while the weather holds out.

No fishing news, I’m afraid, the weekend was too windy, damn…

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