Bermuda newspapers confuse news with advertising

Hello again my dear reader,

it’s lunchtime at work today and I opened two tabs in Firefox to read the local news from The Royal Gazette and The Bermuda Sun. It’s always interesting to read the local newspapers here in Bermuda. Sometimes they are filled with the minutiae of island life in Bermuda that seem entirely uninteresting to me. Other times, they are filled with stories of how some Bermudian person did well in something e.g. sports achievements. Most of the time, they are filled with political news (it appears that the government is losing popularity fast), crime news (Bermuda has drugs and gang violence to control) and some other lighter news items. But, all of the time they are riddled with errors that indicate a shocking lack of editorial talent and attention to detail.

But, today, the Gazette really took the biscuit. One of its 4 main stories on the website is actually an advert! I’ve never seen this before, advertising mixed in with news in such an obvious way. Here is the story in question, titled GOLD RUSH! The “reporter” (inverted commas to indicate that this is a shocking kind of journalism) starts by saying that Bermudians have been cashing in on the their gold jewellery in the recession. No serious argument is made whether this is done just because people have crappy old gold jewellery that they’re happy to part with for cash now that gold has become even safer than in the pre-recession days, no statistics is offered for the reader to make up their own mind, only one company is highlighted as buying gold and no argument is made whether this is an exclusively Bermudian trend or a worldwide one.

Am I the only one who thinks this as a blatant abuse of news space in favour of advertising? I wonder…


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2 Responses to Bermuda newspapers confuse news with advertising

  1. Brendan Bignell says:

    Hey Spiros,

    Even the supposedly quality UK press pulls such trick from time to time.

    Check out this article today:

    Missing anything from island life? PS3 perhaps?



    • spiros says:

      There are a few things I miss from island life: better quality food for a reasonable price, a PS3 for sure but also the bigger space I had in Prague. I don’t miss the cold though so I guess it evens out, almost.