The tanks are filling up

Hello again my dear reader,

I had a weird feeling yesterday when it started to rain. Like I’ve said before, when it rains here, it pours. But, my only thought yesterday wasn’t how I was annoyed at the rain because it stopped me from doing things, it wasn’t how I was pleased to see rain because it had been roasting hot for a few days and we could do with some rest from the relentless heat and humidity, it was instead:

at least the water tank is filling up…

It’s funny when you think about it. A whole country depends exclusively on the rain for drinking water, showering, washing dishes, even for using the toilet in some cases. Jitka and I are quite lucky in that respect. Our landlady has well water which, while not potable, it fine for flushing and watering the plants so we don’t have to care about how often we flush the toilet. Apparently, other people do, those who only have rain water to depend on.

In contrast, this is what we mostly thought of the rain in London: “great, it’s back again, looks like this summer is also going to be a wash-out”. Or in Prague, “hmm, rain, only a marginal improvement on snow but if it freezes, we’re screwed”. So, all in all, we can’t complain, it’s nice to look forward to the rain, even if it is for a somewhat strange reason.

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