Vegetable garden producing returns, finally

Hello again my dear reader,

we have been worried recently that our vegetable garden wasn’t going to be as productive as we had planned. This was mostly due to the fact that our main interest, tomatoes, were not turning red. For weeks now, we’ve been waiting anxiously for them to ripen naturally on the vine. At the same time, the cucumbers have been producing non-stop for at least 6 weeks now. Also, we have finally picked up some melon and watermelon. We have yet to taste the watermelon but the melons were nice. Anyway, it’s been hot the last couple of days. It was 30 degrees C (86 F) inside the house so it must have been much higher than that outside. All of a sudden, loads of tomatoes have ripened naturally on the vine! So, it’s finally looking like the garden we always hoped it would be. We just need the green bell peppers to also be ready and we have the majority of a Greek salad ready from the garden! See below for new photos.

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