Every day can be a fishing day…

Hello again my dear reader,

the saying goes:

Every day can be a fishing day but not every day is a catching day

Quite true. Jitka and I went fishing yesterday evening and caught nothing. Well, Jitka caught one little red squirrelfish but it was way too small to take home.

It was low tide yesterday and that was probably the reason why the fish were not biting. One thing we did see though which was quite scary and disgusting was moray eels. At Spring Benny Bay, we spotted 2-3 green morays and a white (yellow) one too. They were out to munch on the little small fry that was swimming in the shallows. I can’t say that I was too pleased to see them. It would be OK if they were at least edible but it turns out they are really quite disgusting. Ah wel…

We will be going fishing this w/e, I’m sure. So, please check back for more news. Ah, I haven’t written anything about the vegetable garden for a while. We have been eating cucumbers from it for a month or so and have now also started eating tomatoes. We’re also able to harvest jalapeƱo peppers and are looking forward to melon and watermelon.

Check back soon!

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