Scooter repairs

Hello again my dear reader,

the weather is still rubbish (rainy and windy) so I have taken the time to fix some things that have needed fixing for a while. I took the scooter in to the shop for repair. It needs to support the headlight properly (the steering wheel plastics are loose) and to wrap some tape around the clutch cable pipe and to reconnect the speedometer which was disconnected when I had the tyre changed. How much this is going to cost? Well, I hope not a lot but this is Bermuda, nothing here is cheap…

UPDATE: the scooter is back, the repairs cost $90. They put some tape around the cable, reconnected the speedometer cable and glued the headlight for $90, blimey. Plus, I don’t think the headlight is very stable, looks like I’ll have to duct tape it after all.

Please check back for more news.

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