Our new Bermudian hobbies

Hello again my dear reader,

this post is probably the most illustrative of what our life is like in Bermuda. One of the things I have often wondered is what kind of activity I could find that I could share with my wife. With me being a computer geek and her being a Cosmo reader and more recently a fitness fanatic, it’s not often that we have a lot in common, outside of our love for each other, naturally.

But, In Bermuda, this all changed. We have discovered (or perhaps entered the right age group) that we jointly enjoy both gardening (only for growing food, no flower arranging just yet) and fishing. For me, the more surprising of the two is fishing. I used to fish as a kid with my dad (quite possibly my fondest memory of growing up) and have always liked it. But, fishing is inherently dirty, there is all the killing of worms, squid blood, stabbing of fish, hooks and bait, chum etc. I never thought that my Cosmo-reading princess would be into fishing! So, it was a rather pleasant surprise.

On the other hand, I don’t think Jitka anticipated that I would enjoy gardening. I’ve often said while we lived in Britain that my favourite low-maintenance material for a garden is concrete. But, when you’re growing organic food, well, it’s a whole different story. Food you grow in your own garden with your very own effort and weeks of anticipation has a certain edge over any food you can buy from the shop, at least in my humble view.

So, I think it’s high time I share some photos with you so here is a picasa album that you can enjoy. Some photos will also follow directly below. Enjoy.

We start with a look at the vegetable patch and how it’s grown over the last few weeks. Compare this with the older photo here.

One of my favourite fruits, watermelon, growing nicely in our garden.

yum yumAnd finally, one more fishing photo after the ones I included recently. This one is of a snapper and a little bream. I didn’t catch the snapper, it was my fishing buddy Matteo who did. I have since then caught a much bigger fish than the bream though…

both were eaten, delicious!


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