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Hello again my dear reader,

we have been going fishing quite a bit recently. Our favourite spots so far have been Cavello Bay and Watford Bridge. But, they tend to be busy with other people and we seem to have been lucky only once to catch really big fish and the rest of the time it’s been small things that have to be thrown back or used for bait. Also, while both are pretty nice locations, we have always wanted to find a nice quiet fishing spot maybe on the rocks and ideally on the South shore. I’ve read about two places that were supposed to be good: West Whale Bay and Sprint Benny Bay. We tried fishing at West Whale Bay once or twice but, without having a rod so you can cast far into the sea, it didn’t seem to make much sense there. Last night, Jitka didn’t want to come fishing but my fishing buddy M was in the mood. When the non-fishing part of the day was over (work, an hour of tennis, then home for dinner) we arranged to meet up and try Spring Benny Bay.

Sure enough, when we got there, it was pretty dark. But, we had lamps and it has to be said, the place looked beautiful. Just on the South shore, no wind, peaceful night, full of stars and the mesmerising sound of the rhythmic back-and-forth of the waves on the rocks. We set up and started fishing. It took a while before anything happened. We took a few little ones out, unhooked them and sent them back in. One interesting (and annoying) thing that happened is that the fish seemed to always eat the hook. So, to send them back we had to cut the line and send them back hoping that they will survive. Pulling the hook out was no option without also killing the fish. On the plus side, maybe this means that they were hungry (or greedy, of course) which would be a good sign for the future.

Anyway, at some point the fun began. We had big bites and loads of them and started pulling out fish, one after another. M took out two large fish but I wasn’t catching anything. I was beginning to think this would be another occasion like the first time we caught fish and that I would just sit there holing the fishing rod and looking at my fishing buddy catch fish while I caught nothing. This was soon proved wrong. First, I had a massive bite, the fish took the bait and hook and was pulling like crazy! It was exciting and a little scary, to be honest. But, I wasn’t able to pull it out, the fish got unhooked and I lost it. Soon after, another big bite, a fish with a lot of muscle. I didn’t know what to expect but when I got the fish out, it looked big, proper big, maybe a kilo in weight. It was a brin and we took a photo which I’ll attach to this story.

In the end, we kept only two fish, the big one and a smaller (but only slightly) one. We had to escape before midnight because we were getting eaten by bugs. It was terrible, mosquitoes, ants and all sort of critters seems attracted to the LED fishing lamp that we had. Next time, insect repellent and Citronella candle, I think. I should take Jitka too, she will enjoy fishing by candle light.

Anyway, below is a compilation of photos from our recent fishing ventures.

Cute fish, impossible to catch

Biggest Brin I've caught

The biggest brin I have caught so far

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5 Responses to More fishing news

  1. MG says:

    Σωστός επαγγελματίας,τρέμε Μιχάλη :p

  2. spiros says:

    Περιμενω πως και πως να παμε για ψαρεμα και παλι με το Μιχαλη, ελπιζω αυτη τη φορα να ερθεις κι εσυ!

    • mike says:

      oti kai na kanw auto to poluxrwmo de prokeite na to brw xaxaxa!!gia na er8ei 8elei kapoion na dolwnei kai na ksepsarizei…:P an kai poion koroideuoume den uparxei periptwsh na psarepsoume tipota allo ektos apo tis mpires pou 8a exoume mesa gia na einai krues :)

      • spiros says:

        Και για τις μπυρες μονο, ερχομαι.. Τελος Σεπτεμβρη θα ειναι που βγαινουν και τα μουρμουρια βολτα στα ρηχα.