Friends visiting

Hello again my dear reader,

a couple of friends of ours have just landed in Bermuda. They will stay with us for 5 days. It’s quite exciting to see people from the rest of the world, off-island sort of speak. But, I’m not sure how happy they are going to be once they get to immigration and customs. I already got a phone call (from a very polite man, incidentally) asking to confirm the visitors’ details because I had forgotten to give them my exact home address. The plan was that they would come to Hamilton by bus and then I’d direct them how to get home. So, I had totally forgotten to provide them with a full address. I wonder, what would happen if I was in a meeting or my phone was off? Would they have been sent home just because they didn’t know the exact address of where they are going to stay?

Anyway, it appears that the issues were resolved and they’re on their way to the house, Jitka and Athena are waiting for them. I’m quite looking forward to cooking on the bbq tonight and eating al-fresco, shooting the breeze and catching up, I haven’t seen for a while and we have loads to talk about!

There may be a short delay in adding entries to the blog, real life takes priority over the virtual life.

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2 Responses to Friends visiting

  1. lou says:

    this should have been me !!!! :-) have fun

  2. spiros says:

    Well, yes, it should have been. And it can still be. You’re always welcome to visit!