First time snorkelling off Warwick Long Bay

Hello again my dear reader,

it wasn’t really warm enough for snorkelling on Saturday 7th May but it still looked bright and beautiful in Bermuda. Jitka was out with friends for coffee in the morning so I took Athena for a walk. It was warm enough that the poor dog was hot and didn’t want to go far. So, I took the decision of getting ready to go snorkelling for the first time this year. I had no unrealistic expectations from the water temperatures so I packed my wetsuit (semi-dry 5mm) and Jitka’s new 3mm wetsuit and waited for the her to get back. When she did (and after it took her ages to get ready even though we were only going to the beach which is 50m from the house…) we set off for the beach. We found a small number of people there but, by this point, the sun was hidden behind clouds and it was no longer so warm. Despite that, I got in the wetsuit (it’s a little easier now that I’m a little fitter) and set off for snorkelling.

The snorkelling itself was not all that great because the wind picked up a little while I was in the water and made the visibility worsen accordingly. But, it was still great to be in the water, it looked beautiful and it got me thinking that I really need to buy an underwater camera. The good thing is that everything around Bermuda is really shallow with most dive sites less than 20m deep. So, even a cheap camera will be fine, it doesn’t need to support the pressure below 20m. I think I’ll get my friend Nathan to bring one when he comes over at the end of the month. I just have to find one in the meantime.

Anyway, this weekend was one of firsts, more posts coming up shortly.

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