First barbecue of the season

Hello again my dear reader,

as promised, this weekend was one of firsts so I have to report on all of them.

On Saturday, a colleague and friend with his fiancĂ©e came over to our place to drop off his barbecue. He is getting a gas barbecue so he no longer needed his coal one. This is perfectly fine with me because I’m quite happy to buy the old one for a small amount of cash and I don’t mind cooking on coal despite the slight delay compared to gas. So, for a mere $$60, we now have a nice Weber barbecue. We, of course, had to try it immediately so they stayed over for an impromptu barbecue.

As you can see, we had pork ribs, sausages, some veggie burgers (for salad, you know…), chicken and we also had courgettes, chourico and beef. The end result is that we’re very happy with it. It was a great night of al-fresco eating, nice company and interesting conversation. I felt absolutely stuffed after the bbq but isn’t that always the way?

Another story (this one about fishing!) is also coming soon, please check back.

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