Kite flying on Good Friday

Hello again my dear reader,

Good Friday 2011 was our first time at the kite flying competition on Horseshoe Bay Beach. We were told that it’s always busy with people flying all sorts of kites from home-made ones to very professional-looking ones. So, down we went to the beach (luckily only a short walk from home for us so we avoided all the traffic) to sit and watch. We got there around 12:00 and it was hot. It felt properly like summer. The beach was busy, much busier than I like it. But, it looked like fun. There were maybe dozens of kites in the air at any one time, all pretty colourful and elegant. We sat on the sand (which was scorching by this time) close to the stage and took in the atmosphere. There was music playing and pretty soon we were treated to our first look at the Gombey dancers, a traditional form of dancing in Bermuda. They wear tall feathered hats and colourful uniforms. I have to admit I felt a little sorry for them, they must have been roasting in those uniforms! But, they danced in front of us for a while and then went up and down the beach spreading some joy. The announcer kept saying that it was a Bermuda-ful day and he was right. It was hot, we were on the beach, there was chilled out almost Caribbean-like music playing and people dancing, kites were flying high in the air and people were spending half their time untangling them and the other half getting them to fly, all in all, it was a wonderful day.

We didn’t stay very long though. It’s not that we didn’t want to but it was fiendishly hot and we didn’t want to burn to a crisp. It’s a shame that the water in the sea is still pretty cold. So, we couldn’t swim (at least not very comfortably) otherwise we would have stayed longer and taken in more of the atmosphere. Still, we went home, took Athena out for a walk and returned home to hide from the midday heat. Later, we took the bike for a ride out to Dockyard. We were looking to cool down with a smoothie by the sea front looking at the boats. But, this didn’t happen because it was good Friday and it seemed that everything was closed. There was a cruise-ship in port but no tourists milling around, presumably because they were either in town (or Horseshoe Bay Beach) already or because they got fed up with Dockyard being closed and stayed in the comfort and luxury of the cruise-ship.

On the way back, we had some bike trouble. My bike made a very loud explosion-like noise (backfire, I guess) and then lost power. After a while it was back to normal but it was weird and a little scary. I’m going to try it for a few days and see if  it’s OK. If not, I’ll take it for service, otherwise we’re good for now. Anyway, check back soon for more exciting stories.

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