Bermuda grass wins, new tomato seedlings planted

Hello again my dear reader,

the weekend just gone was one of heavy gardening on Saturday followed by the long walk on Sunday. It appears that my heroic efforts to remove the grass before we started our vegetable patch were only partially successful. Some of the vegetables that we planted are growing really well. For example, the peas and beans, the jalapeƱo peppers and most of the herbs. In fact, Jitka made Greek-style peas yesterday and used our own dill from the garden. There is tons of it at present, we may even have to freeze some of it so we don’t throw it away.

But, the tomatoes that we planted from seed (not the ones from seedlings in pots) didn’t come up at all. Instead, we seem to have regrown grass. We spent hours on Saturday weeding the patch so that we can replant tomatoes in the ground but this time from seedlings. We also decided to take out the carrots. This is for two reasons. First, carrots are not that expensive to buy and are usually locally grown here. You can buy 2.5 kg of carrots for $10 from the Watson farm shop (ridiculously expensive in North American terms but cheap for Bermuda, trust me) and they’re pretty nice, locally grown and fresh. Second, carrots are not very productive, each plant makes one carrot and that’s it. So, a lot of effort for little harvest, especially compared to tomatoes where each plant makes up to 10 kg of tomatoes. So, we took the carrots out and planted melons instead. We will need to split the peas and beans anyway since there are so many of them so we will need the space. So, we put some melons and kept some space for splitting the very productive peas and beans.

All this gardening and walking in the heat is also giving us a much darker complexion by being in the sun all the time. Having come here from Prague where the summer tends to last a whole weekend, we really enjoy the sun. But, it’s getting close to the point where the middle of the day will be too hot for being outdoors, much like the summer in Greece. I guess that means we’ll have to lounge about on the beach during the hot hours and exercise or do our gardening in the less hot times. Ah well, we can’t complain.

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