We walked until we ran out of island

Hello again my dear reader,

on Sunday 17th April, Jitka and I decided to practise for the 2011 end-to-end walk. So, we started from home near Warwick Long Bay and aimed to walk to Dockyard. The walk is a total of 17 km (13.5 miles) so it’s fairly substantial. Our route can be seen in this google map. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if we would make it as it was quite hot on Sunday and we haven’t practised that much recently.

The short story is that we did make it. But, at what cost? I had massive blisters at the end of the walk. I could hardly walk on Monday and walked a little better today (Tuesday) because of Compeed blister pads. In fact, m feet hurt enough on Monday night to keep me up until quite late. But, it was worth it.

It’s a nice walk to Dockyard. The start is all along the South Road until it merges with Middle Road. From there, it’s a short walk to the Railway Trail and then trail all the way to Somerset Village. From there, it’s mostly along the road to Dockyard. It was hot but it was also picturesque, Bermuda is truly beautiful in the sun. The only bad thing is that we didn’t find any loquats. I think the birds and the walkers have already picked them. Shame but never mind.

If my feet improve by this weekend, I intend to try and get to the other side of the island, all the way to St George. This should easily be more than 20km. I’ll need all the blister pads I can get… We get Friday off for Good Friday so I’ll have more time for recovery too. Let’s see…

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