Two cruise-ships at the same time in Dockyard

Hello again my dear reader,

this weekend was our third wedding anniversary. To celebrate the occasion and to prepare ourselves for the end-to-end walk at the end of the month, we decided to walk to Dockyard from Warwick Long Bay. It’s 17 km altogether and it was a pretty hot day on Sunday. So, I’m suffering with blisters again. I went to the Phoenix and got myself a few things to combat the blisters. I’m too stubborn to stop just because of them.

Anyway, I will put a separate entry up for the walk and the preparation for the end-to-end walk. For now, I concentrate on the ships in Dockyard. When we got there, there were two massive cruise-ships in port, the Explorer of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) and Carnival Miracle (Carnival Cruise Lines). From a distance, it’s actually tough to tell which is bigger. Obviously, after what I said about the Explorer in the other post, you will remember that it’s the 10th biggest cruise-ship in the world, carrying over 3,000 passengers. So, I was intrigued to find out the details of the other ship. It turns out that Carnival Miracle is not as small as its mere 2,200 passengers would make you think it is. A whole 1,000 passengers less than the Explorer and yet it weighs 88,500 tons, compared to Explorer’s 129,00 tons. The lengths are comparable too, 294m vs 314m. See for yourselves below:

I have to say one thing though. Yes, they’re both pretty big ships. They’re about the same length and both look pretty impressive. But, from the side, the Carnival Miracle looks likeĀ  a council flat development in Shadwell. If you’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of being on the DLR going from London Bridge station in London to Canary Wharf, you will have seen to your right a bunch of horrible council estates. Dirty yet affordable housing which a friend of mine affectionately called Bangladesh due the rather exotic mix of nationalities who live there. The Carnival looks much like one such building that floats. Even though it’s considerably newer than the Explorer and presumably roomier (about as long but with 1,000 fewer people on it) I would still rather take the Explorer. At least it doesn’t look like I’ve paid a lot of money to travel on a floating British council estate!

At least Dockyard was much more fun this time. Everything was open and the mall is quite fun. There are some interesting shops and some reasonably priced ones too! It’s a shock to see any shop in Bermuda where you can find even a crappy T-shirt for less than $10. And, there is a Buzz bar which means smoothies, ice creams etc. Dockyard is certainly more interesting with people milling around and the facilities open to the public.

More to come soon, enjoy!

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