Dark cloud over Bermuda

Hello again my dear reader,

today is a London-like morning in Bermuda. I’m looking out of the window in the office and all I can see is an infinite blanket of grey, nothing like the usual tropical Bermuda morning. My worry is that the rain will last long enough to make the pitch water-logged for tonight’s football match. Despite the blisters last week, I’m still quite keen to play again, I really enjoyed it last week. But, if it carries on raining, the game will probably have to be called off. I guess we have to wait and see. When weather like this arrives in Bermuda, Jitka and I say “I didn’t sign up for this!” but, thankfully, it usually passes in a day or so. I remember the days in London where the grey would just sit over the city and the sun would not be visible for days if not weeks. Nothing like this in Bermuda, just the occasional dark morning.

Since every cloud has a silver lining, at least we won’t have to water the vegetable patch today. And, it looks like the tanks are going to be full, yet again.

Please check back soon for more news. The lunchtime competition is still on, I have yet to make it to Chopsticks and Lemon Tree but most other places have been evaluated, more or less.

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