Jitka passes her riding test

Hello again my dear reader,

I’m writing to announce that Jitka has also now passed her riding test. She took her test on my bike so that she can also ride up to 150cc automatic bikes, exactly like I did. I’d like to think that I had something to do with it since we were at the TCD yesterday for quite a long time practising the test manoeuvres. But, to be honest, it was all her, she did great! She took my advice and set her test as early in the morning as possible. So, at 08:30, there wasn’t a soul at the TCD. No people queuing for emissions tests, no car driving tests, no one. She got the same examiner as I did, the nice older gentleman and sailed through. There was one moment when I thought she might mess it up, when she wobbled a little on one of the indicating tests but other than that, it was OK.

Well, I say OK. But, it was all fine during the test and then she had to park my bike and go pay and pick up her licence. So, first she puts it on the side stand and for some reason, she thinks she has to put it on the main stand. As she tried to move the bike around, she managed to drop it. It fell onto the bike next to it and I was worried that it may cause a domino effect with the other 4-5 bikes that were parked there. Thankfully, the first bike took the hit and didn’t move the bike next to it. I went over and pulled everything up, no damage was done so all was OK. Then, we waited inside for the cashier and then for the photo to be taken. The examiner walks out, gives Jitka the paper stamped PASSED and asks “did you pick up the bikes?”. Oh dear, he saw, but it was after the test so we’re OK. We nodded ashamedly that we did pick up the bikes, picked up the licence and left.

Phew! Job done, I’m very happy about it. More stories about our growing plantation coming soon, check back again!

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One Response to Jitka passes her riding test

  1. GK says:

    Congrats Jituna!