Wednesday night football, more blisters

Hello again my dear reader,

I went to play football after work yesterday. It was a great day for it, the weather was dry and not too hot. The game (casual pick-up game) usually starts around 18:30 and lasts for 90 mins. The pitch is at Prospect Pre-school and it can be pretty hit-and-miss when it comes to quality. Last night, it was one of the “good” nights so the pitch was supposed to be in a reasonably good condition. The biggest problem for me was that I had new football boots on and they killed my feet. I got blisters on both feet and I’m suffering to walk today. I also managed to turn my ankle towards the end of the game and had to put ice on it last night and take a couple of anti-inflammatory pills. It looks like it’s going to be OK in a couple of days. The blisters are actually the bigger problem, to be honest.

It was nice to play football again though. I always enjoy it. I used to play with the guys from the office in Prague when we still lived there. That pitch was an artificial one and it was perfectly flat. I wish we had one of those to play on here. It’s not that there are no artificial pitches, there are plenty and even some of the amateur leagues are played on them. The problem is to find a pitch that can be hired for a reasonable amount of money. This being Bermuda, you can get a quote of up to $300 per night to hire a pitch that has floodlights. This would make it $15,000 for the year and it’s way too much for a pick-up game. The arrangement with the school was that, each year, the group playing football made a sizeable donation to the school and, in exchange, got to play on the school grounds for 90 mins every week, except when it is too wet. This worked out great, it meant that the mostly expat game only cost around $100 per player to play all year round. But, it turns out that the government has found out about this informal arrangement and want to make this money themselves. They want the money to go to the government and they will then forward it to the school after taking a slice. In practice, this probably means that the game is going to be too expensive to continue playing. We’ll see what exactly happens but I’m not very hopeful. I may need to look for another way to play football, maybe join one of the local amateur leagues. The problem with the league is that it probably requires greater skill and fitness than I currently possess and it may require me to attend training once of twice a week. This is all good but it’s a long season and sometimes, work commitments but also personal commitments will get in the way.

So, while I still hope that, after my feet and ankle recover, I’ll be able to play football on a regular basis, there is a risk that this game won’t be running for long. We wait and see.

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