The first cruise-ship of the 2011 season

Hello again my dear reader,

the weekend just gone marked the arrival of the first cruise ship to Bermuda for the 2011 season. The ship was the Seven Seas Mariner, a massive ship that dwarfed the buildings on Front street in Hamilton where it parked. The ship arrived on Saturday morning at 08:00 and left the same day at 17:00. The amazing thing is that this massive vessel is considered one of the smaller cruise ships that visit Bermuda. The mega cruise ships do not fit in Hamilton so they park at the specially made port in Dockyard. I think that this ship serves the Florida to Madeira via Bermuda line but I’m not 100% sure.

Apparently, later in the year, there are special events organised on the nights that the cruise ships are in town. This is something else to look forward to in the summer. There are apparently outdoor festivities on Front Street to delight the visiting tourists. I can just about imagine what it will be like: balmy nights, a light bite by the water, some chilled-out music and other such events. I can’t wait. You can definitely look forward to a full description of such an event once the season is properly under way.

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