First time in the water for 2011

Hello again my dear reader,

Saturday 26th of March marks the first swim of the year for me. Jitka has yet to get in the water, it’s still too cold for her. We were at the beach walking Athena and it felt quite warm (about 25C or high 70s F) so I decided to take the plunge. I have to admit that it was quite cold still, especially until getting the sensitive regions wet. But, once in the water, it felt OK. I only stayed for 10-15 mins but I hope to go for snorkelling off the South Coast soon. There are a couple of rocks about 50m off the coast from Warwick Long Bay that I think will be teeming with fish. They should provide adequate entertainment until I can organise (and afford) the first dive of the year. I could always wear my wet-suit, I guess and I could then stay in the water for much longer. I may just do that.

I think Jitka is starting to get excited about diving again too. She’ll need her own wet-suit, of course, so it’ll be costly. But, in the long run, I quite look forward to being in the water with her. I’m more confident under water now so it’ll be nice to be there to look after her, just in case.

Lots of gardening happened this weekend. All that in a separate blog entry.

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