Lunchtime options in the centre of Hamilton

Hello again my dear reader,

I saw a very interesting blog entry recently about the search for the best burger in Bermuda. You can read it here. I was inspired by it to come up with a list of lunchtime options. My requirements for lunch are:

  • good quality food (this requirements removes fast food from the candidates list)
  • good customer service (this may be the most difficult requirement here)
  • decent efficiency (lunch in less than an hour so I can be back at the office within 60 min)
  • proximity to my office (in order to meet the 60 minute rule above, I work in the centre of Hamilton, by the City Hall)
  • affordability (I dislike paying more than $10 for lunch, unless suitably impressed by the food or the service)
  • choice of healthy meals (I place an emphasis on light meals i.e. low calorie, low fat and minimal sugar)

So far, I have the following candidates:

  1. Cafe 4 in Washington Mall: they make everything from carvery to sandwiches, fresh tossed salads, cakes, pastries and even sushi
  2. Quik Bites in Washington Mall: mostly Thai food and salads, they also make some interesting-looking cakes
  3. Common Ground on Chancery Lane: very good quality sandwiches, their veggie burger is spectacular, also free internet but not during lunchtime
  4. L Oriental Express round the corner from my building: I think they belong to the Cafe 4 chain and make the same food plus more, not sure if they do sushi though
  5. Delicious on the ground floor in Washington Mall: this place gets busy, they make everything under the sun and their sandwiches tend to be about $2 cheaper than Cafe 4
  6. Paradiso Cafe on the Reid Street entrance of Washington Mall: this place doesn’t seem so busy, also makes salads, pizza slices and interesting-looking cakes
  7. Latin on Victoria Street: during the day they serve lunchtime food like sandwiches and salads then later it becomes a restaurant and bar
  8. The Market Place on Church Street: this is a supermarket but their food counter serves all tastes and food varieties from fresh sushi to carvery and a selection of local seafood
  9. Chopstickson Reid Street: I haven’t tried this place yet but I hear really good thing about it so it’s only a matter of time. The tough part will be fitting within the 60-minute window.

I seem to be short one candidate, these polls tend to have 10 options. I’m tempted to add another place that I haven’t tried thus forcing myself to try a new place. But, I have to think about it, there are so many options that it’s tough to choose just one without having tried it.

So, please keep checking and I promise to revisit the lunchtime story with a clear ranking. Feel free to contribute suggestions, I’d love to know of new places too.

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2 Responses to Lunchtime options in the centre of Hamilton

  1. Kevin says:

    Try Lemon Tree – it’s not terrible

  2. spiros says:

    Excellent suggestion Kevin, I’ll keep that in mind. It looks like the list will be 11 long in the end as I had lunch in Buzz today, also in Washington Mall and really liked it. Plenty of options from the very healthy to the most artery clogging food, nice smoothies and surprisingly friendly service. Now to devise a system for ranking the 11 choices…