The best cigar of the year

Hello again my dear reader,

I promised I would write about Friday night and so here it goes. After work, I was invited to a colleague’s engagement drinks. Even though I felt tired after a long week (been moved to a new project and had lots of extra catching up work to do) I decided to go. The drinks were at Latin Bar which is an interesting place. By day, it’s a sandwich place that gets pretty busy at lunchtimes, especially when the weather is nice and you can sit outside. By night, it transforms into a restaurant and bar that seemed pretty popular. It was my first time there so I can’t say too much about it except that the bartender is Czech. I didn’t meet her but I’m told she’s called Katka. Maybe I should introduce her to Jitka if I get to speak to her next time I’m there.

This reminds me, Jitka was at a Czech woman’s house who also lives in Bermuda. It turns out that the Czech are everywhere, even Bermuda, there is no getting away from them. So, through my boss at work, we met this one Czech woman who had a thing at her place on Friday. I dropped Jitka off there and then headed to the drinks. This reminds me, this woman’s house is at the top of the steepest hill I’ve seen in Bermuda. I had to push with my feet for the scooter to get up there with both of us on.

Anyway, I didn’t stay long at the drinks. I was tired and wanted to chill at home. But, when I got there, Athena was all excited to see me, wiggling the tail and being generally the emotionally dependant animal that she is and we love her for it. So, I thought, what the hell, I’ll take her out for a walk and then Jitka won’t have to do it when she gets back from her social engagement. So, I took a Partagas cigar with me, put Athena on the leash and out we went. She was quite quick in doing her thing that night but I really felt like staying out for a bit. It was a nice warm . night and it looked unusually bright. As it turns out, it was the biggest full moon for many years. So, I walked down to Warwick Long Bay beach (the one nearest the house) and sat on a rock. I noticed that the moon was incredibly bright and the sea looked strange, all due to the close proximity between Moon and Earth.

It took me an hour to smoke my cigar. By this point, Athena was already sitting by my feet, doing her guardian lion pose and I was rested and somehow mesmerised by the sound of the waves. I went back home deep in thought. It was mostly about Bermuda and whether it was the right thing to do to come here and the usual worries of having so recently moved from Europe to the middle of the ocean. But, I think that night, Friday  March 18th 2011, was the first time I felt almost settled in Bermuda. it was the first time it felt OK to be that far from my friends and family in Europe. I looked at Athena and her now completely healed rear leg and realised that it was the right thing to do, not just for us but also for her, to come here. And, it should get better as we settle down and the weather improves.

Check back soon for more!

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