Two house viewings done, two more to go

Hello again my dear reader,

Finding a place to live is always hard. But, here in Bermuda, it’s extra hard because of the rent prices. For a 2-bed place in a reasonably good location, you’re looking at anywhere between $2,500 and $4,000 and that is a lot of money whichever way you see it. Other factors to take into account are, of course, the location in terms of commuting distance and the overall cleanliness of the place.

Obviously, no place on the island is more than an hour away from Hamilton by scooter or public transport. This is because Hamilton is in the middle of the island and it’s only about 45 km from one end (St George) to the other (Dockyard). So, at most, you’re looking at a commute of 20 km or thereabout.

The cleanliness and overall state of the place is another factor. If you’re used to the sort of quality of places you see in London, then you may be in for a small surprise. It seems that some places here are not as well maintained as you’d like them to be. With rent prices so high and the market quite difficult (until recently), landlords were able to put a place up for rent in just about any state and still command high rent. But, with the recent financial turn-down that has affected Bermuda like it has affected the rest of the world, it’s become (more of) a renter’s market, rather than a landlord’s market.

So, Jitka and I have seen two places so far. The first was very small but clean (and with a pool) and the second was much larger but dirty and tired-looking. We have two more viewings tomorrow and our hopes are still high. I reckon we’ll need to see about 10 places before we can make up our mind. Let’s see…

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