Seen 10 places, still more to see

Hello again my dear reader,

those of you who are not fortunate enough to own your own place will sympathise with us, I’m sure. We’re new to Bermuda so we don’t know what to expect from houses and apartments. But, we also don’t know what to expect from estate agents and landlords. It turns out that seeing 10 places is about the right number before you have a good idea of what to expect, how much to expect to pay and how the price changes with proximity to Hamilton, where most people work.

Of the 10 places we have seen, only one is a serious candidate so far. It’s in Sandys Parish so a fair distance from Hamilton but it’s near a nice little cove with boats moored and views overlooking the water. It has a nice porch where I can see us having a glass of wine over dinner. The only drawback is that it’s a fair distance from the nearest shops so it would be a bit of a pain for Jitka to stock up the household. Also, it’s about 30 mins drive on the scooter to get to work, or a 30 min ferry ride.

I think today is the day of reckoning really. We have another two places to see and we will probably make up our minds after that. I would just like to have more than one serious candidate so our hand is not forced. More on this probably later today. Everyone, have a great week and check back soon for updates.

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