Pet licensing in Bermuda

Hello again my dear reader,

one of the first things we had to do when we got to Bermuda is to register Athena with the local authorities. This is mostly a matter of safety so that, if she’s lost and found by someone, they can look up the tag on her, point to the import license, locate the ownership details and call us. The same can, of course, be achieved by reading her chip.

The registration turned out to be quite easy. We took the #3 bus from St George and got off at the Botanical Gardens. We obviously didn’t know where the gardens were but we asked the bus lady to let us know when we get to the right location and she was happy to oblige. There is a theme permeating all of our interactions with locals so far, a smiley willingness to help us. This is in stark contrast to staff in services in the Czech Republic (among many other places, no doubt) who seem to hate having to do their jobs. But more about this in a later post.

We walked into the Environmental Services office and asked at the information desk. The actual desk for registration is next to it so we were pointed in that direction. The nice lady at the counter gave us the application form, had a look at the documents we submitted (dog passport, evidence of castration, evidence of all vaccinations and other treatments) and, after we paid a $25 fee, we got issued with a shiny dog tag with Athena’s Bermuda license number. It was really that simple, no hidden information, no public service bullsh*t, a smooth and quick service.

Oh, we have now started to finally take some photos also! They are currently in a public folder on picasa, you can access them from picasa. We will be adding more soon, enjoy!

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