Journey to Bermuda, part 4

Hello again my dear reader,

since it’s New Year’s Day and very little is open today, I have time to write the end of the journey to Bermuda for those of you who may be interested.

On the morning of December 28th, we got up early to get to the airport for the 08:30 flight to Toronto. We picked up our luggage from the luggage store at the end of the departure lounge, popped in to a coffee house for the obligatory coffee and prepared for the final leg of the journey. We fed Athena her vet-prescribed sedative and promptly forgot about her until we got to Bermuda, she doze off and caused no problems.

The flight is just over 2 hours and it was pretty uneventful until we got to Bermuda. In Bermuda, we were faced with extremely high winds, not quite a storm but still, it was pretty scary landing in Bermuda. Having said that, our pilot managed to bring the plane down so smoothly, you could hardly tell there was any wind unless you had a look through the windows and saw the palm trees bent over in the wind. Unfortunately, the winds were too high for the landing door of the plane to be opened in the same orientation as we arrived. So, while we could walk to the airport without much problem, the plane had to be turned around before the luggage could be unloaded. That meant a half an hour of delay but the flight was so short that we were happy to wait. The weather, other than windy, was quite warm so we could at least enjoy that.

When all luggage was collected, we headed through to immigration and customs. I expected this to be a particularly painful experience but this turned out not to be the case. At immigration, I explained to a youngish gentleman that I have with me the 3-month visa (attached to the contract with me new employer) and that I want my wife to come into the country on a 3-week tourist visa. When I start work, I will apply for the upgrade to the 3-year visa and will add Jitka on it as my dependant. He understood, helped out with the filling of one form that is needed after landing and we were smoothly through to the line for customs.

At customs, we were met by a large black woman who seemed a little bored. This was fair enough, it was just after Christmas. But, what was more annoying is that she didn’t seem to know anything. She didn’t understand the regulations around the dog import, she didn’t understand the concept of the 3-month visa that will be upgraded to the 3-year one, she seemed basically clueless. After waiting for what seemed an eternity for her to move her rather large frame to a nearby office and back only to say that the visa was, of course, OK, she then chose to open a case from our luggage to do her inspection. We were perfectly happy with this since we’re not carrying any contraband into the country, that would be a stupid way to start living in a new place. But, she chose one of the very first bags that I packed and it was really well packed. The case had almost exclusively shirts (short and long-sleeved), two towels and the QNAP (a NAS choice recommended to me by my mate Brendan in London) which she spent some time looking at. I then had to help her put the case back together because, of course, she moved everything around and it took us ages to close the case again. Anyway, we got through this and walked out to get a taxi to Gobbler’s Corner, our guest house for the first 4 weeks of stay in Bermuda.

When we got to the guest house, the owner Brian was waiting for us, gave us a hand with the luggage and we were quickly settled in. The guest house is absolutely excellent, it’s an L-shaped room with the bedroom/lounge on one side and the kitchen on the other. There is a large bathroom, fully equipped with even towels. The kitchen is fully equipped also with fridge, microwave, oven and gas hobs, a coffee machine and tea pot, plenty of cutlery and crockery and various other bits and bobs left over by previous tenants. Most importantly, Brian gave us the password to his wireless network and we were instantly connected to the world.

This completes our journey to Bermuda. In the next few blog entries, I will write about the immigration authorities and visa, the license for Athena, grocery shopping in Bermuda and the few things that we have managed to do so far. So, until next time, take care and keep checking for updates, there should be plenty soon.

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