Journey to Bermuda, part 1

Hello again my dear reader,

Our journey begins in Prague on December 26th in the evening and ends in Bermuda on December 28th in the afternoon. As you know if you read the introduction page, we’re a party of 3 travelling, husband, wife and dog, Athena. Our flights to Bermuda were amongst the most difficult things to plan and buy because of the extra complication of flying with a dog. Normally, we would fly from Prague to London, then hop on a BA or Virgin flight direct to Bermuda and be done with it. But, neither BA nor Virgin are able to take dogs onboard, Our dog is just over 7 kilos in weight so she can be taken onboard the aircraft with Air Canada and a few other airlines. The choice to fly Air Canada was, in the end, forced upon us. BA can take the dog but she would need to travel in a different plane (a cargo plane) and she would take a lot longer to get there than we would. So, we would end up spending time worrying about her rather than enjoying our first few moments in Bermuda.

Before relocating to Bermuda, we emptied our flat in Vinohrady (by all accounts, the nicest and most expat-friendly part of Prague) and moved in with Jitka’s parents in Ricany, a small town just out of Prague. This was both a good idea and a terrible one. The good things were that we didn’t have to worry about food, clothes washing etc in the days leading up to the relocation. We already had enough on our mind that it was nice to avoid the hassle of looking after ourselves as well. The bad things were that Jitka has changed a lot since she used to live with her parents and they don’t get on so well any more. This isn’t to say she’s a better or worse person, just different enough to clash with, primarily, her mother.

Anyway, so out journey begins in Ricany around 18:30 on December 27th. The whole town is covered in snow and we’re sitting in Jitka’s parents’ house, in the lounge, having a goodbye drink with Jitka’s family (mother, father, brother and brother’s girlfriend) and waiting for our ride. To our surprise, two people turn up to pick us up: Milos (our very dear friend from Pisek who took it upon himself to drive us all the way to Frankfurt) and Roman (another friend from Pisek who everyone calls Zaneta). They turn up and there’s a certain element of a hurry because we need to get to Pisek and spend the night there before starting in morning for Frankfurt. All our luggage is loaded in no time, as well as the Brompton bike that I used to ride to work in London. The dog stuff is taken (carrier, food, toys etc) to make Athena’s journey more comfortable and we’re off in a flash. The drive to Pisek was uneventful, plenty of snow and ice on the roads but the Czech authorities were well within their comfort zone when it comes to dealing with the cold. So, all major roads were treated and we didn’t find ourselves in a ditch.

We got to PIsek late in the evening, perhaps 21:00, had a little bite there and went straight to bed. Jitka first complained that it was pointless going to bed since she would be too worried to sleep anyway and then promptly fell asleep and snored. Needless to say, I got no sleep and felt like a zombie in the morning.

The trip from Pisek to Toronto via Frankfurt will be described in the next post.

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