Goodbye google sites, hello WordPress

Hello my dear reader,

and welcome to the new location for our blog! Let me introduce the site owners and our aims from this blog. We’re a family of 3, husband and wife duo of Spiros and Jitka and our adorable West Highland Terrier Athena. I am Greek and Jitka is Czech. We got married a couple of years ago now but have no kids as yet. I’m in IT and my wife aspires to be an accountant one day so she’s slowly working through the ACCA exam system in order to qualify.

We used to live in the UK, initially in York then in Reading and finally in London. We moved to Prague in May 2009 in search of a better lifestyle than what was on offer in London. This, we got, to a large extent. But, the climate in Prague and local culture were two things that drove us away from there. So, on December 27th, we moved to Bermuda! I accepted a role in an IT consultancy there and I hope that Jitka won’t be too bored without work for a while. Finding work in Bermuda is tough, they have pretty stringent regulations against foreigners taking roles that locals could be put forward for. Luckily for me, with 2-3 years work experience in London and 8 years of academic study (BSc, MSc and PHD) my CV is strong enough to make it through the barriers.

Everyone I talk to about the Bermuda relocation is interested to find out how things work out for us. Instead of writing individually to people, Jitka and I decided to put this blog together. Feel free to browse, leave us feedback, ask questions etc, we aim to deliver new posts frequently and keep things pretty lively on this site.

That’s enough for now, more to come!

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