Cafe Cairo and Sea Breeze Cafe

Hello again my dear reader,

it’s been a couple of days that I haven’t put up a new blog entry. This is not because there is little going on, far from it. It’s because I’ve been investigating where to move the blog so I can have comments working and be able to turn it more into a community effort. So far, I tried but didn’t like it because they don’t allow you to use any wordpress plug-ins. This is bad for two reasons: first, because it means that I won’t be able to use some of the spam tools that are very useful (though some are now standard) and second, because I won’t be able to customise the blog in exactly the way I want. Having said that, it’s a free service so I guess there are limitations. The next thing to try is a wordpress installation that I host on my own. I tried doing an install last night but got caught in the “white screen of death” problem. This is probably a php error. I’ll have to have another go soon.

Anyway, this weekend, we went to Cafe Cairo on Saturday and to the Sea Breeze Cafe, part of the Lido complex by Elbow Beach on Sunday. Note that the link for the Sea Breeze Cafe points to the Trip Advisor review for Mickey’s, a cafe/restaurant in the same complex that wasn’t open this weekend so we had to settle for Sea Breeze. The entertainment complex at Elbow Beach has three restaurants: Mickey’s (on the beach, sand in your toes), Sea Breeze (just withdrawn from the beach, shoes OK) and Lido (posh, dress code, upmarket).

Cafe Cairo was also an excellent experience. We had mint shisha, a selection of cold starters (hummus, aubergine salad etc) with pitta bread and the Fatoush Salad, drank mint tea and water and paid altogether $50. This is because it was happy hour and we got some money off. But, it has to be said, for Bermuda, this is true value for money. You can’t expect to eat anywhere half-decent for less than $30 per head without alcohol. So, we were pleasantly surprised. The shisha was good (though $20 is a bit much for it) and we sat on the balcony overlooking the water by the port of Hamilton. The place looks like it’s been renovated recently. It wasn’t so busy when we were there (mind you, we were there around 19:00 on Saturday and I suspect they don’t get busy until later) but that made it even better for us. The service was good, nothing to write home about but they left us alone which we appreciated. All in all, I would gladly go back to Cafe Cairo and recommend it heartily.

On Sunday, we were invited out for lunch by the couple who own the company I work for. The place they chose was Sea Breeze cafe. It turns out they do a brunch special every Sunday for less than $30 per person and we all had that. It’s a 3-course meal. I had tuna tartare to start, grilled Amberjack for main and a fruit salad for dessert. Jitka had a thai-spiced beef salad to start, same main course and dessert. The set menu offers three choices for starter and main and 2 choices of dessert. Everyone was happy with their food. As for location, the place is pretty amazing. It’s just up from the beach, about 3 meters elevation and you can see and hear the water as you enjoy your meal. Price-wise, it’s a very competitive price for Bermuda and the quality is really good too. We then went for a walk along the beach (the couple we were having lunch with had their 18-month old little girl with them, she’s a blast) and then headed home satisfied and rested. It was quite hot on Sunday, probably mid-20s C (mid-70s F) and it was a very enjoyable day.

This weekend will take some doing before we can top it. As the weather is improving, more and more we get glimpses of what Bermuda will be like in the summer and it’s very encouraging. Please check back soon for more!

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