First warm day of the year, a glance at things to come

Hello again my dear reader,

yesterday was the first proper warm day since we’ve been in Bermuda. It was lovely. All day, the temperature was in the low 20s C (low 70s F) and dry. The result is that Jitka came over to town for lunch (wearing a fetching dress too!), we bought salads and ate them sat at a bench off Front St, looking at the boats bouncing in the water. I bought some cigars to have at home and looked forward to dinner at home. When I got home in the evening, Jitka was still making dinner so I decided to go for a run. This time was the first that I felt like I was actually running, there were brief periods of running at pace without being constantly out of breath. I may even get the hang of this running thing in the end, you never know. I used to run quite a bit and enjoy it so I hope to get somewhere close to how I felt back then. When I got back, had a quick shower and enjoyed dinner. We didn’t eat outside, purely because we didn’t think about it. The weather was nice enough to enjoy the outdoors so we instead sat outside in the evening, I had a small cigar and we chatted for a little while.

The evening ended with us watching a couple of episodes of Mad Men, followed by The Sunset Limited on HBO. All in all, it was the sort of day that we had anticipated to be having here. Let’s hope we can have more of these days as the weather improves towards the summer. I think if the sun was still up and hot when I got home yesterday, I would have gone for a swim. I have yet to swim in the sea here but I feel that this time is nearly upon us now. As it warms up, the need to cool down will eventually overpower the relatively cold water (we’re in the middle of the ocean, don’t forget) and I’ll have my first proper splash, quite looking forward to it as well.

Anyway, please check back soon, there will be more stories up here soon.

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