Bermuda weather synchronisation

Hello again my dear reader,

I’m writing to complain that the weather in Bermuda seems to synchronise automatically with the calendar. All week, it’s nice, at least during the day. Then, every weekend, it gets wet, sometimes really wet. See for example below:

The image is a screenshot from the Bermuda weather service website. It’s clear what I’m complaining about:

  • Friday morning: mostly sunny
  • Friday afternoon: mix of sun and cloud
  • Friday evening: mostly cloudy
  • Friday night: mostly cloudy, showers
  • Saturday: mostly cloudy, rain or showers, 17 to 19 C (62-66 F)
  • Sunday: mostly cloudy, chance of drizzle, 17 to 19 C (62-66 F)
  • Monday: sunny periods!

Still, I can’t complain too much, it’s warmer than it was in Prague, by a long long way. It just means that I have to wait for the right weather gap of about an hour to occur before I can enjoy the cigar I have earmarked for this weekend.

Have a good weekend everyone, please check back soon for more updates.

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