New (smart or not so much) phone?

Hello again my dear reader,

one of the things I was worried about when moving to Bermuda was being cut off from what my friends in Europe are doing. I’ve lived in the UK and in the Czech Republic and originally come from Greece so I have friends all over. But, it seems that this is not going to be a problem. With facebook, google buzz, this blog and linkedin, it seems that I’m up to date with what most people are doing.

But, once in a while, you see a blog entry come up or a story is shared by your friends that really cracks you up and reminds you why you miss them. This happened to me twice today.

First off, my mate Nathan from LA posted this on google buzz, a cartoon that speaks the truth so strongly that I had to share it further.

And then, I spotted this discussion and poll on LinkedIn to do with what choice you’d make if you bough a smart-phone in the next 3 months. This reminded me of a hilarious (and so true it’s amazing) cartoon about smart phone users.

So, I had to share, particularly since I’ve been talking about phones a little on this blog, enjoy!

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