Bermuda weekend weather

Hello again my dear reader,

the weekend just gone was unfortunately another wash-out. The weather was lovely all week, mostly dry and around 20 C. Then, the weekend comes along and it’s wet and windy for two days. We’ve been in Bermuda for 56 days now and we have only had one weekend when the weather was great, the one when we went sailing with Brian, our landlord from St George. It’s a shame because we just can’t appreciate the place we have moved to unless we can make it to the beach. I’m still hopeful that summery weather is on its way any day now but we need to be patient.

Yesterday, the winds were so strong that a fault has appeared in our cable connection. This meant no TV and no internet in the evening. Unfortunately, this meant that I missed the NBA All-Star game 2011 which I was so hoping to see. Turns out that the West won, despite being the underdogs in the game. The East were deemed favourites by the bookies but I guess the bookmakers are not always right, after all. At least, I managed to watch the 3-point competition and dunk competition on Saturday, that was something. We’re still without cable today, it’s apparently a general fault in the area so we’re not alone in being disconnected.

Jitka is off to New York City tomorrow to spend the money I work so hard (OK, maybe not that hard, you know what I mean) to make. Our long-term visas haven’t come through yet, I’m starting to get a little stressed about that. But, my employer is staying calm so far and said that there is no reason to worry just yet. I hope to have the paperwork through soon, I’ll keep the blog posted on news.

To everyone, have a nice week, check back soon for more updates.

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