Breakfast, Bermuda style

Hello again my dear reader,

today was the first day that Jitka and I had an almost normal morning. What I mean is that we finally have enough of the things that one needs to feel at home. So, we can start to do the things we’re used to doing, the things that define who we are.

One of those things is having breakfast together. I love to take breakfast with Jitka, to talk about the day that’s starting and to wake up in the company of the one I love. When we lived in London, there was always the stress of getting out of the house early enough to run to a train so that I could run to a tube and get to work on time. Or, when I started cycling, it was a panic to get out of the house before the major traffic hits so I could make it to the bike path on the south side of Tower Bridge. Later, in Prague, the stress level was certainly less. The commute was better but it was still a walk to the underground, then 3 stops on that before I could get to work. And, half the year, there were 30cm of snow to deal with and ice on the pavements that made the walk extremely dangerous and slow.

But, here in Bermuda, all I have to do is jump on my scooter and ride to work. I get there in 15-20 mins depending on traffic. So, this morning, I got up at the same time as always (7 o’clock), pressed the button on the coffee machine that I had already loaded with coffee and water from the night before and popped into the shower. Jitka got up, too the dog out for a walk and a morning pee and came back. She was greeted with a hot cup of fresh-smelling coffee and felt that making breakfast (2 slices of soybean toast, the only non-sweet bread we have found so far, eggs and turkey ham) wasn’t too much of a job this morning.

So, we enjoyed our breakfast, the sun was already up and things are already looking good for the day. Later in the year, we will be taking our breakfast outside on the balcony, I think that will make an even better start to the day. I’d like to figure out a way to fit a run in my day as well but this will have to wait until we have created a better routine. Until then, please check back for more exciting Bermuda stories!

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