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Hello again my dear reader,

my last animal-related post contained a paragraph in which I set out my idea for a campaign to allow dogs in selected restaurants. I thought I should dedicate a full post to it so I can also link to it when I need to later on.

This is my idea: I’d like to buy some water bowls for dogs. On those, I’d like to print some slogan like “have a drink with your best friend today” or “this is a pet-friendly restaurant, feel free to bring yours today” or some such. Then, I’d like to donate these to restaurants that agree that, within certain hours and days (e.g. during lunchtime in the week and until, say, 19:00 in the weekend) they will allow dog owners to sit in designated areas (e.g. in the courtyard, balcony or other outside seating area) with their dogs. The condition is that dogs must be on a leash and under supervision. Also, dog owners are allowed only if their dogs don’t disrupt the normal working of the restaurant, they’re not in the way or barking at the staff etc. Then, I’m willing to put up a website and host it myself with the campaign details, maybe even take registrations by people who want to support the campaign.

The idea is to encourage people to bring their dogs out. It’s a win-win situation, the dogs get socialised and become less aggressive and easier to handle on a leash and the dog owners get to take their best friend for a drink every now and then. Plus, restaurants get exposure and free water bowls.

My second idea is to organise a monthly, bi-monthly, quartely or even annual “take your dog to the beach” walk. This is where dog owners take their dogs on the leash and march from, say, Hamilton city centre to one of the South Shore beaches, say, Warwick Long Bay. This is to demonstrate that allowing dogs on the beach is not necessarily a bad thing and could be allowed during the summer as well as during the winter. It’s just a way to raise awareness and, let’s face it, to have some fun!

I don’t know if either campaign will take off but it would be nice to see at least one of them happen. I’ll try to talk to the local SPCA, maybe they can push this forward too.

Please check back for more stories soon.

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