An internet connection set up in 5 minutes, too easy?

Hello again my dear reader,

I’ve just come back to work from seeing North Rock, one of the small number of companies that offer internet connectivity on the island. It took them literally 5 minutes to get me set up and all I have to do is go home, configure my modem and all is good. Too good to be true? Possibly, let’s wait and see. If it all works, you can look forward to more photos and maybe even videos to enjoy.

It’s very strange how the internet works here. First off, it’s ridiculously expensive! I will pay $70 per month for a 2 Mbps connection. That makes it surely one of the most expensive internet connectivity services in the world. Right? Well, almost. I saw this post after returning from North Rock and I felt a little better. At least Kazakhstan has more expensive internet connectivity. I don’t think anywhere in Europe or North America is more expensive than Bermuda though but I would like to know, it would be interesting to see a USD/Mbps chart.

Also, I was used to getting the internet connection handled by the same company that provides your cable connection. Surely, in economics terms, cable television and cable internet are complimentary products. You’d think that our cable television provider, Cable Vision, would just at the opportunity to charge us a little extra to provide internet connectivity also. But, that is not the case, bizarrely. So, you go to your cable company, you order a TV package and request internet. They arrive, set up your TV and leave you a modem. You then go to an internet company, they set you up with an account and you go home and set up your network. How peculiar…

In other news, we bought a TV. It turns out that you can buy brand new from PTech for about the same amount as you buy second-hand from emoo. I guess that means that people here don’t understand the concept of depreciation. But, what do I care? I got a 43-inch Panasonic plasma TV for just a little more than I sold my Samsung 40-inch LCD in Prague. Sure, my Samsung was 1080p and LCD, I could connect it to my laptop and use it as a computer monitor if I wanted. But, did I ever do that? well, no. So, having a 720p plasma TV should be just about the same. And all in good time to watch the NBA All-Star game, awesome…

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