New York City Mayor Bloomberg in Bermuda over Xmas, so what?

Hello again my dear reader,

I’ve been reading a number of posts recently about the fact that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent the Christmas period in Bermuda, where he owns a fabulous luxury waterfront home, instead of spending it in New York. Without exception, all these posts are negative, it seems that people are very annoyed at Bloomberg for spending time in Bermuda. But, my question is, he was here, so what?

As an aside, I have seen Bloomberg’s house from a distance. It’s in Tucker’s Town, the exclusive billionaire’s row of Bermuda. I can tell you, it’s awesome! His only problem may be that he has Silvio Berlusconi as neighbour, other than that, it’s a massive house with outbuildings overlooking the water and with ample mooring for his own yacht(s). But, I digress…

Now, the Christmas 2010 period was a period of unprecedented snowfall in New York City and Bloomberg had to apologise publicly about the substandard level of preparation for such a natural phenomenon in the city he’s meant to be the leader of. So, sure, I can see that people are annoyed that he spent the time in a warm holiday retreat instead of slumming it with New Yorkers in a frozen city. But, I ask you this and I want you, my reader, to be brutally honest: if you could afford to fly a private plane to your private luxury mansion on the waterfront and spend Christmas at 20C, instead of subzero temperatures, wouldn’t you? I know I would.

Also, does anyone really think that it’s the mayor himself, as opposed to one of the countless aids, advisers and assorted lackeys that surround him, that gives orders to control or improve the situation during a natural disaster like the recent snowfall in New York City? And, even if he had to be involved in some way, you don’t think he would have done this by phone? So, instead of spending the freezing period closed in his lodgings in New York City, the mayor decided to spend the time elsewhere, fair enough. Would another mayor have done the same? Well, I don’t know. But, if you, New Yorkers, think so and if you would appreciate having your figure-head Mayor in town for Christmas in a misery-loves-company sort of way then it’s easy, it’s your vote that counts, vote the guy out. But, don’t spend time in the blogosphere writing belittling comments about a man that only a short time ago was hailed as the new prince of New York, that’s just uncalled for.

Anyway, please check back for more juicy stories soon…

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