Johnny Barnes, my first sight of a local hero

Hello again my dear reader,

today, I saw for the first time the famous Johnny Barnes at the roundabout that bears his name. The man is a legend. He stands at a roundabout on the entrance to Hamilton every morning (yes, every morning) for the last 20 years or so and waves to every car entering the city. He’s known by some as “the happiest man in the world” because of his sunny disposition. It was a pleasure to see him this morning and it did, kinda, make my day. Here’s one man who is not bothered that it is Monday morning, doesn’t care that the weekend is over and there are 5 working days ahead of us until the next break. The man is inspiring, if nothing else. Oh, and he’s one of the few (are there any others?) people who have had a statue made out of them during their lifetime. I wonder if he’s unique in this…

I know I have to write about our house move. I’ve been quite busy at work and getting the house properly ready (from ghetto to house, I call it) but I’ll get there in the end. Please check back soon.

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