Scooter and furniture buying

Hello again my dear reader,

it’s been a few days that I haven’t written, I was hoping that the people who are following this blog can catch up with the recent higher than usual number of posts.

The next jobs for us here are going to be: buying a scooter and buying furniture. As much as I wanted to get a furnished place, it’s quite hard to find furnished places that are affordable. They come in two varieties, either rundown furniture that you wouldn’t enjoy using and are stuck with because the landlord has no storage or awesome furniture that pushes the price of the rent up so high that the flat/house becomes unaffordable in the end. So, in the end, we chose a place with modest rent, plenty of outside space and in a peaceful part of the island. Having said that, the deal is not finalised yet and I’m getting a little worried that we’ll be house hunting or, worse, out on the street soon.

The other order of business is buying a scooter. I think we will end up having two scooters. This would normally be a costly job but, with so many people coming and going from the island all the time, it’s actually quite easy to pick up cheap scooters (around $1000) here. So, in order to allow Jitka the maximum freedom and independence when I’m at work, I’d like to get her a scooter so she can ride into town and go to the shops and things when I’m at work. I thought about getting a car but then I would spend much more on that than on two scooters and Jitka would still be stuck at home. I don’t think she will be willing to drive a car here but she seems keen to learn to ride a scooter. The only issue is that Jitka is quite small and not very strong so she will need a small scooter with a reasonably low seat so she can get her feet down. We went to the abandoned golf course and rode around a little this weekend on our rental and she seemed to get the hang of it quickly. I don’t want to push her to ride more because if she gets scared in the traffic then she might be turned off from riding altogether and end up less independent.

I think we will be closing the deal on the house today or tomorrow at the latest so I will post more stuff then. Also, I have to go see some scooters and hopefully I’ll be able to get one soon so I don’t have to extend my rental. More stories coming about that also. Please check back soon.

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